Sunday, January 18, 2009

++..I'v Been Tagged??..++

1. Do you think you are hot?
mak aih..akoo pom xtau ar hot ke suam2 kuku kot..ngee..

2. Upload a favourite picture of you

3.Why do you like that picture?

sebab kak eda comel..hehe..
4.When was the last time you ate pizza?
dgn adeq bushuk..
5.The song you listened to?
fall for you..tringak kt adik bushuk..haha..
6.What are you doing right now beside this?
stdy fizik+prktis public speaking+cari jurnal..tido coz saket kepale..zzz...

7.What other name you prefer besides this?
Wany..perfect name..lalala..

Now I would like to tag victims to do it.
4. shahril aka ariel..peterpon..ngee..
5. sape2 yg bace post nie..haha..

8.Who is number 1?
ma pren yg giler mcm org giler..haha..

9. Who is number 3 having a relationship with?
dier pengetua aku dlu..lalala..mne gaji akoo..

10. Say something about number 5.

11.What about number 4?
bdk nih da lme x update blog dier..potos cintan ke..haha..

12.Who is number 2?
my pren yg jauh di kuantan..n da jauh di sepang..hukhuk..

1 comment:

  1. oit..napa ko kata aku asyik termenung jek..
    sampai hati ko kata aku mcmtue..
    aku tak selalu termenung arr cume selalu ada prob dalam life aku..


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