Friday, April 20, 2012

diakah jodohku?

Ya Allah, 
sekiranya dia adalah jodohku,
Kau kuatkan lah ikatan jodoh kami.
sekiranya dia bukan jodohku, 
maka Kau temukan lah aku dengan yang lebih baik untukku

Allahumma Ameen,
Allahumma Ameen,
Allahumma Ameen.

doa bertemu jodoh (untuk wanita)

he's cute~
he's sweety~
he's lovely~
he's adorable~
he's very funny~
little bit 'pemarah'..tapi cute! ;p

i think i'm in love with him~
i hope this is the true one.. (amin)
when i already give up to find my other heart..
but when he comes to my life changes~
i always smiling..
even at the school..
in front of my student..(i'm being crazy!)

i'm not a choosy but i choose him~
eventhou this is a long distance relationship..
insyaAllah i always be with u !


sayang..if u read this..dun ask me..
but this is my true feeling towards u!

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