Thursday, June 20, 2013

Past, Present and Future

yesterday is history. Today is the present and tomorrow is the future

hear the past, see the present and touch the future

for the past, i am trying to forget everything. all about the crisis. all about them. all about what happen. memang perit nak lupakan, tapi kita mesti move on. tak perlu kita nak toleh ke belakang semula. there is no need to do that. 

for the present, today i got a new spirit from the conversation last night. i will let all of this gone by gone. i will give a time to recover. we call it, recovery process. haha

and for the future, saya doakan yang terbaik untuk semua ini. Allah swt da tulis takdir untuk kita semua. so, kita kena hadapinya dan terima takdir dengan hati yang terbuka. this is all God's faith. just follow the flow, wallahu'alam.

lovenota 1: i need u afterall happen.
lovenota 2: no more crying ok. be strong and good girl! :)


komen yang baik2 je taw!
thanks! arigatou! gracias! danke! gamsahabnida!

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